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Digital Camera And Printer Bundle

The digital camera and printer bundle is perfect for anyone who wants a digital camera to capture memories and prints out photos with their printer to create documents and emails. The bundle also includes a kodak easyshare printer dock series 3 and the camera. This will make taking pictures and creating videos a breeze.

Digital Camera With Printer Dock Bundle

Digital camera with printer dock is a great bundle for getting your digital camera on the go! You can get a printer dock, along with a digital camera! This is a great combo to have if you're looking to take your digital camera on the go. You can take pictures and prints out to your computer quickly and easily. This is a great bundle for those looking to get their digital camera on the go!

Digital Camera With Printer Bundle

This digital camera has a printer bundle including the digital printer, ink jet black, and the easyshare printer dock. The digital camera also has a built-in printer, so you can easily share photos and videos with your family and friends. The printer bundle also includes a copier and a scanner. the kodak easyshare printer dock series 3 is perfect for using your digital camera with printouts on documentario or color images. The bundle includes the camera and printer, as well as a bag for holding your photos. looking for a digital camera printer that can be connected to a computer as well as a phone? look no further than the canon powershot d7000! This bundled770 is cp-190 printer photo paper and ink-equipped camera has all the features you need to get startedphotography-related. the kodak easyshare z740 digital camera and printer dock series 3 travel kit bundle is perfect for when you want to take your digital camera and printer to another location quickly and easily. This bundle includes the digital camera, inkjet printer, and dock series 3.